THE ECOSYSTEM THAT CONNECTS EVERYONE for a more accurate, seamless, and democratized experience

TrakPay brings together Independent Agents, Payroll Services & Insurance Carrier Vendors to deliver an industry leading software solution for insurance policyholders in the pay-as-you-go WC ecosystem.


TrakPay connects Independent Agents, Payroll Services and Insurance Carriers Vendors on to one dynamic platform that processes the pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation service with the most intuitive workflow, accurate reporting, and user-friendly experience for insurance policyholders.


Software should do what you need it to do, and not get in your way.  TrakPay uses the most modern software technology languages and integrations that are always up to date and provide the best ease of use for our payroll service and insurance carrier vendor partners.  TrakPay is a secure application adhering to the most recent industry security standards.


We are constantly working with our partners to create custom solutions to handle their ever-changing needs.  TrakPay is constantly evolving it’s software features and we can customize features for partners with specific needs.  Consider working with TrakPay to expedite the process to make your paygo WC experience work better, and make your idea come to life.


Utilizing a robust, intuitive software platform like TrakPay gives your company an edge by taking advantage of an industry leading,  efficient, accurate paygo WC reporting software.  Increased efficiency leads to a better overall experience for all parties, and that leads to increased revenue from improved client acquisition and retention.

Who does Trakpay work with?

We work with everyone!  Whether you’re an insurance broker or agent, insurance carrier vendor, payroll service or software, or even a time and attendance solution, we work with you.  TrakPay is the software ecosystem that connects all parties for a seamless experience.

Our partners

TrakPay partners with the following types of businesses to be a seamless software platform provider of pay-as-you-go Workers Comp to the insurance industry.

Payroll Providers

New Clients via Paygo WC

Payroll software and service providers can instantly boost their payroll suite of products by gaining access to the largest network of pay-as-you-go WC carriers.  Compete with the Paychex and ADPs of the world, and, partner with local insurance agents who can now bring their paygo WC clients on to your payroll service.

Insurance carriers

Simplify Paygo Workers Comp

TrakPay partners with carrier vendors to provide them the most accurate payroll data possible from our payroll provider partners through our feature-rich, policyholder accessible error fixing interface.  TrakPay does not compete with carrier-side paygo WC vendors, and instead, partners wth them to democratize the industry for agents & policyholders alike, which greatly benefits insurance carriers.


Retain Your Clients WC
As an independent insurance agent or broker, you are probably fed up with losing Workers Compensation policies for your business insurance clients to the large national payroll services that write their own WC insurance in-house.  With TrakPay, you can now compete with the big boys.  Plus, TrakPay acts as an extension of your insurance agency by helping your policyholders report accurate payroll along with correct state/class code combos, and even identifies when new employees are in states not yet on their policy.  The latter feature provides for an interactive process where the policyholder provides information thru TrakPay so that TrakPay  can then send you an email with everything you need to quickly process an endorsement request with your policholders insurance carrier (to add a new WC state/code combo, etc).

Leadership Team


Craig Bruno

VP of Partnerships


Deborah Bruno

VP of Operations

TrakPay brings together Independent Agents, Payroll Services & Insurance Carrier Vendors to deliver an industry-leading software solution for insurance policyholders in the pay-as-you-go WC ecosystem.