TrakPay for Independent Insurance Agents


The TrakPay software platform instantly levels the playing field for independent insurance agents wanting to compete with the Paychex and ADPs of the world that use their own internal insurance agency to offer pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation.

How does TrakPay level the playing field for insurance agents?

For years, independent insurance agents have seen their role as trusted adviser reduced by technology innovations. Well now, we’re fighting back!  Instead of using technology to push insurance agents further out of the picture, we’re leveraging technology to bring agents back to the forefront of their valued business insurance client’s mind.

Pay-as-you-go Workers Comp is no longer just a specialty service that legacy payroll services can offer through their own in-house insurance agency or a closely aligned partner insurance agency.  TrakPay gives independent insurance agents a platform to connect their business insurance client’s workers compensation policy to a local payroll service (where they can build a referral relationship), and still be the broker of record on the WC policy. No more losing out on commission and profit sharing opportunities to big payroll services with an in-house insurance department.

But now you say, why would my client want to leave that big payroll service where their paygo WC is tied in?  There are so many reasons!  Lower cost and better customer service with a local payroll service, more flexibility to shop and switch policies with the help of their trusted insurance agent, and much more accurate reporting of payroll so that clients are not overcharged as a result of inaccurate reporting.

With TrakPay, you’ll gain access to more carriers, much more accurate reporting, and maybe most importantly of all, TrakPay takes a majority of the tedious servicing tasks off your plate.  TrakPay’s intuitive workflow almost acts like an extension of your insurance agency, and knows when to request adding or changing WC class codes on a policy.  TrakPay will even send you, the agent, an email with all the information you already need to quickly and easily request an endorsement to add a new state/class code to the policy.  This relieves agents of this time consuming process and is an E&O prevention tool as it helps their policyholders stay in better compliance with getting WC added in states not yet on the policy.

Independent insurance agents, look no further.  Contact us today to get on the TrakPay platform so you can win back those lost pay-as-you-go WC clients, and leverage the software to grow your business through increased referrals and building greater trust with your valuable clients.