TrakPay for Payroll Providers


The TrakPay software platform instantly levels the playing field for payroll software and service providers wanting to compete with the Paychex and ADPs of the world that use their own internal insurance agency to offer pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation.

How does TrakPay level the playing field?

First, if you don’t offer a pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation service in conjunction with your payroll processing, you’re already behind the eight ball.  But fear not, getting paygo WC up and running with your payroll service is easy with TrakPay.  Whether you’re a custom or legacy payroll software that licenses your software to service bureaus, or if you’re a payroll service that either has your own proprietary software or licenses your payroll software from another company, our team either already works with your setup, or we can customize an integration for the smoothest reporting of payroll from your system to TrakPay.

Second, if you already use a paygo WC software vendor similar to TrakPay, that is okay, but you’re missing out on all of the features and functionality of TrakPay which provides you the most efficient and intuitive software on the market.  TrakPay compliments your current vendor’s software which lead to more accurate reporting, thus reducing your client’s insurance cost, and saves you time from needing to get involved in the process.

Third, with TrakPay, you’ll gain access to more carriers, seamless reporting, much more accurate reporting, and maybe most importantly of all, TrakPay takes a majority of the tedious servicing tasks off your plate.   TrakPay’s intuitive workflow almost acts like a customer service rep and knows when to request adding or changing WC class codes on a policy, and even handles the automation of endorsing those codes to your client’s WC policy by partnering with the policyholders carrier vendor and insurance agent.