TrakPay for Insurance Carriers


Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation (paygo WC) software should solve problems, not create them.  TrakPay is a dynamic, intuitive software which almost acts like your own personal Workers Compensation representative.

TrakPay is a “payroll-side” paygo WC software which means that it directly integrates  with multiple payroll companies so any insurance agent can partner with their local payroll provider to bring their clients on board with that payroll provider who will report payroll up thru TrakPay.  The insurance agent is the primary broker on the WC policy thus earning a full commission from their carrier partner.  Thus, the policyholder gets to enjoy the paygo WC service directly through their payroll company and work with their local agent.

TrakPay partners with “carrier-side” paygo WC software vendors in an effort to democratize the paygo WC landscape.  In no way does TrakPay hold itself out to be an exclusive “carrier-side” vendor, and that is why carriers love TrakPay;  we are not in conflict with carrier-side vendors who may have other interests which might involve directing certain payroll services to work with specific insurance agencies.  Instead, TrakPay is agnostic in this regard, and serves to be a solution for carriers wanting to drive their paygo WC sales by freely allowing any agent to work with any payroll company.  This model helps to democratize the paygo WC landscape, and it puts the best interest of insurance carriers at the forefront.

Agents and payroll services alike work with TrakPay to utilize our advanced software features so that extremely accurate reporting of payroll is sent to carrier vendors.  In fact, TrakPay is actively partnering with carrier vendors to better receive WC policy data including WC state/class code combos as they are added to policies so that the carrier can ultimately receive the best, most accurate state/code combos and other payroll data through their vendor.  A better reporting experience leads to a happier carrier, agent, payroll company, and most importantly, policyholder.

Contact us to learn how TrakPay provides the most efficient, seamless, and accurate payroll reporting and billing experience for carriers & policyholders alike while making the management of the paygo WC service easier for payroll services and agents.